Interview with Lj Butler

Lj Butler was the only freshman on varsity last football season and he is now being nominated for athlete of the week. We had some time to sit down and ask Lj some questions about his accomplishments and progress both on and off the field.


Where are you originally from?

“San Antonio, Texas”


When did you start playing football?

“ I started playing in Kindergarten”


Did you see your football career going this far?

“No, I didn’t really take football seriously until the third grade”


How did it feel to be the only freshman on varsity last year?

“It felt really good actually, because they looked up to me and saw me as a role model”


How does it feel to be nominated for athlete of the week?

 “I’d say that I am proud of myself”


Whos motivated you to go this far in football?

“My family and my teammates have motivated me in this journey”


Where do you see your football career in the future?

“I see myself playing in the NFL professionally”


Have any colleges reached out to you?

“No, not yet”


What else do you want to go to school for in college?

“I want to be a football coach if football doesn’t work out, or play basketball since I also play that”


If you could give your future self advise what would it be?

“I’d say to stay focused and don’t forget what you are trying to achieve”

Are you satisfied with where you are in your football career?

“No, because colleges haven’t reached out to me yet”


Lj is only a sophomore and still has two years left at Wagner to continue making a difference on and off the field. Congrats to Lj on all of his accomplishments thus far!