Sabre Dancers

Diana Williams

The Sabre Dancers are the schools dance representatives.They are the ones always going to the games and pep rallies dancing there is never a dull moment with them around.They got the moves and the spirit. They learn the dance and kandences to show there school spirit. Coach Laura and Coach Chase are so proud of the dance team and how far it has come. They work so hard to learn each and every dance they do.They come up with the dances during class then dance and practice them out during practice. They also go to competitions to show off their skills in front of judges and get awards for there performances. I got the honor to interview the saber dancer officers Elizabeth,Jalaya,Quinn,and Aiana.They all are working super hard for there competionan coming up. They each were amazing and they are great dancers.They all bring something different to the team.These are the question I asked them and there answers.
What is one of the reasons you decided to join the dance team?
Elizabeth decided to join the dance team for something different.She wanted to be apart of something bigger than Herself.
Jalaya joined the team because she wanted to be more involved with school and thought dance was the best way to express herself and she loves to dance.
Quinn joined because she has a passion to dance and perform.
Aiana wanted to join the dance team to make new friends step outside her comfort zone.

Do you see yourself continuing to pursue dancing after you graduate high school?What do you think you will be doing?
Elizabeth“No, I want to go to college and study nursing.”
Jalaya“No, I would like to go to college and study medicine to be a doctor and the acarise a lot of focus.”
Quinn“Yes, I want to be on a major dance team or perform in dance studios.”
Aiana“Yes, I would like to be a dance choreographer.”

What is your personal favorite style of dance?Why?
Elizabeth likes Jazz the most because it’s high energy and it’s just fun.
Jalaya’s favorite would have to be Contempera or Hip-hop. Contempera you can express yourself, and who doesn’t love hip-hop, with it’s fun stunts.
Quinn loves Jazz because it’s sassy and it represents her personality the most.
Aiana responds “Kick would have to be my favorite because you get to show your flexibility and stamina.”

What is one thing you have learned from being on this dance team?
Elizabeth“I have learned discipline and how to be patience with others because some people take longer than others.”
Jalaya“ I have learned how to be a role model and how to take criticism and having a busy schedule.”
Quinn has learned to control what you say or how you say things to others will affect people differently.
Aiana has learn there is no I in team everyone has their own role in the team the have to follow.