Mr Taylor

Arianna Santos and Shaelynn Valdez

Where are you originally from ?

“Born and raised in San Antonio Texas, I grew up in Woodlake.”


What college did you attend ?

“I went to Baylor University.”


What did you major in ?

“I got my degree in Secondary English Language Arts and Reading.”


What would you advice would you give to the seniors ?

“Keep fighting, senioritis is a real, big issue that I too struggled with in high school and college, but the best thing to do is to continue working your hardest. Look for scholarships; they’re out there and will help you. Find new friends and be open; try new things and go for it. This is the four years you’ll never get back and you should make it count. Push your boundaries and exceed limitations and you’ll see yourself go far beyond your expectations.”


What was your biggest struggle in college?

“Time management; there are three big things in college that you will have to manage which are: your social life, your academics, and sleep. I guarantee you that you’re going to have to sacrifice one of those. Life is all about balance and managing those three is going to be the biggest challenge for you, but once you get- it hopefully rather sooner than later-, college will be a lot more bearable and easier to manage.`

What advice would you give to the athletes looking to do sports in college ?

“A quote that my old basketball coach told me was,‘’Use the ball don’t let the ball use you’’ (~ Coach Ellis). What he meant by that is the ball can get you to college but don’t let the ball consume you, don’t let the sport be everything you focus on. Your main priority in college is to get an education. The ball is only helping you get that for free or at a discount at price.