Treat yourself

Shaelynn Valdez

It has been a long stressful year for a lot of us, here are some things you can do to relax and let that stress go.
Put your Pajamas on, Fuzzy Socks, Let your hair be in a messy bun and pour yourself a hot cup of tea .
Do a puzzle, because it will help distract your mind from whatever is stressing you.
Meditate, Put some relaxing songs on and just focus on yourself for a little. You could also download meditating apps to calm your nerves.
Get up and get moving, go out and have fun. Distract yourself from all that stress you have. Hang out with some friends,go out with family.
You can exercise and lift weights to help your stress go away.
Drink a Glass of water or milk to help calm you down.
Take a hot shower, it helps relax your muscles.
Clean out something,like your room or closet. Throw away anything you dont need,be active.