Vase Competition

Juliana Rivas, Staff Writer

This year, and every year, Wagner’s art students will be participating in the Vase competition.

What is Vase?

Vase is a competition for those who participate in any of the common arts. This goes for students in Art 1, Art 2, drawing, Painting 2-4, and Urban Arts. These art students will be competing with thousands of other artists their age from different schools, and be ranked by their pieces.

These awards range from Participation Ribbons to Best in District. To achieve at least one of the ribbons, you would have to create an original art piece or design. This means that you are not allowed to copy anything or get your ideas online, even if you are merely referencing. If any student competing in Vase happened to disobey this rule, they will be removed from the competition.

After your piece is finished, be prepared to introduce it to your art teacher. They will propose the idea of taking your art as a representative of the school, or for you to go as an individual and present your art piece. If you decide to go with the first proposition, then your teacher will hold onto your work, and make sure to present it at the competition.

But if you decide to represent your art work, then you will be required to attend Vase. You must also be prepared to present your reasoning for why you decided on your art work, as well as what has inspired you. The judges will interview you on this, but do not be intimidated by them; they are not interviewing you to see if you are right or wrong, they just want to know your reasonings as to why you chose your piece.

And be aware students!! Vase does in fact offer scholarships to high school students in the competition!!

So grab your pencils, paint brushes, or markers and start your pieces!