Sebastian Campos

Arianna Santos, Staff Writer

I chose to interview Sebastian because he is a senior that is in varsity and I wanted to see how he manages that and how his goals changed throughout high school.


Lets head back to your freshman year, what were your goals and intention for soccer in high school?

“ My intentions for soccer in high school was to actually participate in it and show coach what I’m actually capable of.”

Have your goals changed throughout your high school years ?

“Yes, because I don’t see soccer as priority right now, I actually am looking forward into being and architect.”

How do you balance soccer and academics at the same time?

“Well since soccer is after school I focus on academics during school and after seventh period I focus on soccer and maintain them both.”

Since you have matured over the years what goals do have now that you’re a senior.

“My goals now are to get all my credits.”

Who motivated you throughout your high school years?

“My mom because she pushes me to work harder.”

Do you plan to play soccer after high school?

“Yes, because it’s a passion for me.”