Garrett Eldin

Shaelynn Valdez, Staff Writer

What is it like to be a freshman ?

“It’s definitely very hard considering that there’s people older and bigger than me since I am only 5 foot , being a freshman is just difficult because you’re constantly being picked on and being lowered by upperclassmen.”

What are your goals for when you become a senior ?

“My goals for becoming a senior are to continue with bowling team and continue with band while passing my classes

How is it like balancing band with academics ?”

“I think its pretty easy because in band there is math involved and i guess you can say there is physics involved also. Its easy if you really want to do band you’ll keep your grades right.”

How is freshman year treating you so far ?

“Its definitely been one of the best years of my life, its been one heck of an experience its truly a blessing.”