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Avion Anderson

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Journalism had the opportunity to interview Mrs.Jordan and receive information about the engineering class .Here are a few of the questions that we were able to ask her:

“What is engineering?”
She responded,“I believe that engineering is the creative application to design or innovate products.”
“What kind of opportunities does engineering give to the students for future careers?”
She replied,“Them being able to take engineering in high school gives them an advantage for college and also apply for college credit.”
“What sort of certifications can students pursue upon graduation?”
She stated,“They can receive the Auto Desks Inventor Certificate.”
“What life skills can students acquire from taking engineering as they progress overall?”
Mrs. Jordan responded,“They can acquire problem solving skills,communication skills,teamwork skills,and design skills.”
“As a teacher,what do you want the students to gain from the experience of this CTE class?”
She replied,“I would like for the students to understand that there is always a solution to every problem and also that they have to be able to think outside of the box.”