Fashion Design


Amani Smith

Journalism had the chance to interview Mrs. Rohm and ask her a few questions:
To start off, we asked “ what is fashion design? To which Mrs. Rohm replied’ Fashion is different for everyone, it helps kids express themself.”
“We asked What kind of opportunities does fashion give to the students for future careers?’’she replied with
“They have the opportunity to go into buying,merceding,and styling as a career.’’
“What sort of certifications can students pursue upon graduation?”Mrs Rohm replied by saying “After graduation students can take on a internship,collage,and etc.’’
“What life skills can these students acquire from taking fashion as they progresses overall?’’ She responded with “The life skills that students can take is knowing how to mend,they will know how to fit themself comfortable,and they will have the skills to go into business design.”
““As a teacher,What do you want the students to gain from the experience of this CTE class?’’Mrs Rohm answered with,
“She wants them to have fun in class and leave her class with more skill then they came out with.”