Construction Technology

Avion Anderson


Journalism received the chance to interview Mr.Leyva the construction engineering teacher.We asked him the following questions:
What is construction engineering?
He responded,”In this class they learn about the world of construction and the
What kind of opportunities does construction technology give to the students for future careers?
He said,”for every four people that retire out of construction one student goes into the construction business, many business need more people because of the lack of skill.’’
What sort of certification can students pursue upon graduation?
He replied,”students can receive NCCER (National Center for Construction Education Research).The students receive one certificate each year they take the class but three in total and there is also now a dual credit class that students can take to receive their college credit for the class.”
What life skills can these students acquire from taking construction technology as they progress overall?
He commented,”There is a lot of math involved and the students can acquire people skills,leadership skills,work ethic and being able to see a project from start to finish.”
As a teacher,what do you want the students to gain from the experience of this CTE class?
He responded,”As a teacher I would like for my students to gain real world experiences,also to gain major math intake and to hopefully pursue this class as a career opportunity.”