Tyla Chevrier


Shaelynn Valdez, Staff Writer

What was the biggest change you experienced while moving to America?

“The school was a major change.”

What are some differences from where you came from versus america ?

“School again and the food of course, but also how people interact with each other.”

Was it hard leaving your country behind and what do you miss most about Germany?

“Yes, it was very hard. At first the hardest part was how much I missed my friends and my Grandma. Not being able to writing and speaking in English as good was also hard.”

How has moving to America changed you?

“I’ve become more academically focused while in Germany I was the girl who was always about to fail. My involvement in school and extracurricular activities has also increased.”

Has moving to America changed what you want to do in the future?

“Partially, while I still want to be a Human Rights Lawyer, I now want to go to a University in America. ”