Amani Smith and Avion Anderson, Staff Writers


Journalism had the opportunity to interview Mr.Rodriguez the welding instructor.

We asked him a few of the follow questions:

What is welding?

He responded,”welding is the fabrication or sculptural process that joins two metals and makes them one.”

What kind of opportunities does welding give to the students for future careers?

He replied:welding gives you opportunities for money and chances to travel around the world.

What sort of certification can students pursue upon graduation?

He said:the students can receive,

  • 4F D9.1 TAC Welder Certification
  • 4F D9.1 Certification
  • 4FD1.1 7018 Certification
  • 4G D1.1 7018 Groove Certification
  • 10 OSHA Certification

What life skills these students acquire from taking welding as they progress overall?

He replied:I believe the skills that  students can acquire overall are responsibility,being present everyday,and also being responsible for your own actions.

As a teacher,what do you want the students to gain from the experience of this CTE class?

He responded:I want my students to be able to gain the experiences of how the real world of welding works.