Diana Williams, Staff Writer

Theater does a lot more than we see. There’s a lot more to it then reading lines off a piece of paper or performing a play. They always help other programs when there are performances. For example, they allow choir to use their room and the help them with  the behind the scenes. I would like to thank the Theater students and teachers for all their hard work and there dedication to the program. We wish you luck on there way to UIL. They have been working extremely hard and are continuously improving themselves. I got the chance to interview Ms. Carter,a theater teacher, and here is what I ask her:

1.How do you prepare for UIL?

Preparation usually begins in the summer with the script selection. I carefully choose a play that compliments the students’ interest level.

2.What techniques do your students need in order to get a good score in UIL?

In preparing for UIL our team of actors and crew technicians must abide by certain rules. Our show can only last 40 minutes. We also have seven minutes to set up and strike (take down our set). If go over that time we are disqualified. 

Also, it is important that actors are easy to understand and hear – so good volume and enunciation are important.

Every actor should know what their character wants every time they are onstage. The clearer their goal in obtaining their objective the stronger the acting.The crew is responsible for executing all cues (lights and sound) precisely when needed. They are also needed to help backstage.


3.Do you feel confident about your theater students going to UIL?

I am extremely confident that our team of actors and crew technicians will do well this year. We all love our play – A house full of Letters by Kit Steinkellner. We are working very hard and can’t wait to share our show with the school soon (Feb 23rd).


4.Do you have any expectations in you students going to UIL?

I expect everyone to maintain good grades and do their absolute best anytime they are working on and off stage.


5.What pieces are you preparing for UIL?

A house full of Letters by Kit Steinkellner.


6.Do you have anything planned for after UIL?

A talent show and possible a musical revue. I will keep you posted.


7.Is there anything in your classes this year that is different than you previous years?

We have new teachers in our theatre department this year: Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Jordan- Chavez. They are both extremely talented and lovely to work with.