Vase’s End Results

Vase's End Results

Juliana Rivas

Vase had officially taken its due place on February 2nd, 2019. And although the exciting competition has already passed, art is still isn’t over! And one of our students that participated in this annual gallery have walked away with impressive prizes.

In my previous article, Vase and what you should know about it, I covered the topic of Vase and what it does as a competition in general. And in this article, I will be introducing the state finalist, and the teacher’s opinions on this years student entries.

Starting with our students, it is a bit disappointing to say that only a few students made it to the state finals. Even if about 20 of our Wagner students had entered into the competition. But our other students still worked with determination, and grace when trying to create their art pieces. Rocio Bautista was one of the lucky ones from Mr. Delahay’’s class: 2 students from Mr. Davidson’s class won as well, and had received a state finalist medal. Mr Garcia took a student as well, but they did not get to proceed to state finalists.

Many other schools such as Judson, Veterans, and Roosevelt had entered into Vase as well. It was these students from our rivaling schools that went up against our students. But in the end, everyone had received a medal of honor. Most may call the Participation awards, but Vase believes that it is more than that. It is a sign that you put a lot of hard work and effort into your artwork, and that you deserve a medal to prove it.

Wagner’s art teachers were the first to see the Vase entries, so it is only natural that we get some of their opinions of the 2019 Vase entries.

“ I thought that some of our pieces were really strong, but could have used more rendering..” Mr.Garcia stated.

“ I thought all 3 of my students’ pieces were very strong. Rocio’s Cubist Violin, mixed various and dynamic view points and warm colors to capture the instruments characteristics visually.

I’m excited for Rocio and excited to see how she and her piece do at state. I’m proud of the work all my students put into their pieces and think all 3 deserve going, but then I may be biased” States Mr. Delahay.

And last but not least, Mr. Davidson fished the interview and said,” The student’s pieces were strong, but needed more work”.

The 2019 Vase competition results may not have been too strong this year, but now the contestants have the information needed to succeed! So next years Vase should be better in 2020.

Rocio Bautista ‘s piece.