E-sports at High School

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The NFHS and PlayVS are working to bring esports to high schools around the nation!

The director of athletic activities and program development, Mat Parker, has made a brilliant new addition to after school athletic activities. More and more high schools are working to include students who aren’t athletic by rewarding them like athletes within competitive experiences. Considering that 72% of teens play video games regularly, I would say Parker made a good choice by including a wide range of students. He decided to team up with PlayVS , an online game provider organizing  events around the country. PlayVS gives you the option to sign up as a player on their website and introduce your school to the world of esports. The program offers a new world of athletic opportunity without the hassle of having to buy new equipment or travel for games.  There are many shortcuts and perks that come with esports, especially that the students are still made to feel like a team. Players have their own uniforms as well as board directors and coaches to help guide all players along. Practically anyone can join a team, because players are not limited to physicals or previous experience to be able to play. In short, now that esports has become a major part of athletics , high schools are able to branch out to the kids that might go unnoticed.