Student Fashion Interview

Amani Smith

Journalism received the chance to interview Jalyn Wynn from fashion
And we asked her the following questions:
Why did you get involved with fashion design?
She replied,’’I have always wanted to be a fashion designer or work in the fashion industry.’’
What is the most exciting thing going on this year?
She responded,’’ The most exciting thing in fashion this year would have to be the fashion show.’’
What is your greatest challenge this year in fashion?
She said,’’ That her greatest challenge was actually joining fashion, but now she enjoys fashion.’’
What are some accomplishments you’d like to share?
She commented,’’ I’ve become more confident with my fashion and outgoing with people.’’
What would you say to new students who might be interested in fashion design?
She answered,’’That is really fun and you make really useful clothes.’’
I asked her if she had anything else to add?
She added,’’ Have fun but also make sure you work hard.’’