Juliana Rivas

Orchestra is one of the most popular classes when it comes to music and, just like most of the Fine Arts group, these classes have UIL to attend to soon-specifically on March 7th. Orchestra UIL is the district competition that tests the musician’s skills when using their instruments. But other than playing the violin: viola: and other string instruments, what does orchestra do to prepare for this upcoming competition?

Most of Orchestra is mainly made up of instruments in the strings family, and this certain fact is what separates it from band. Though the way they both practice music is similar. When any kind of musical student receives a new music piece, they are required to practice at home, during school hours, or in any sort of free time an orchestra student can muster up.

But what pieces are these students practicing specifically?

“ We’re practicing three songs.“ A violin player named Karen Padron says.“ First there is Gypsy Rover by Elliot Del Borgo, Dominique’s Dance by John Nieto, and Velocity by Brian Balmages“.

Our Orchestra classes are full of talented young musicians, and I am sure that our students will gain first place- and achieve whatever kind of goal that they have prepared for this year’s UIL.

Good luck Orchestra!!