Choir UIL

Diana Williams, Staff Writer

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Choir UIL is coming up on April  17-18.The choir is already starting to prepare their music for this event. This event the excites Choir Students because they get to show there competitive sides. They are scored depending on their performance and they always want to do their absolute best going into the competition. Let me take you through a little bit of the process.

They usually sing up to three songs on stage-one acapella and two other songs- and the judges rate them 1-5. The best ranking being 1 and the worst being a 5. Then after the concert part they have to go into another room to sight read for three more judges. The students have to read the music for which they get 6 minutes without singing it then they have to try and sing it. Then they get 2 more minutes to try and fix their mistakes. After all is done they have to wait for the comments and scores from the judges. If they get straight 1s then they get a sweepstakes and that is a great honor. So let’s wish these students good luck on their way to UIL.