“What Has been your favorite high school memory so far?”

Arianna Santos

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I chose to ask people around the school “What Has been your favorite high school memory so far?” to see how high school has been for them.
Shaelynn Valdez
“One good memory i’ve had in high school was interviewing people with my bestie <3”. Bianey Martinez “My favorite high school memory in high school has to be making new friends and getting the opportunity to go on the spanish honor society field trip downtown”. Hannah Troupe “Becoming a Sabre dancer and getting to bond with my teammates”. Vincent Garcia “My favorite memory is every varsity soccer game and being able to play in them”. Erika Vasquez “Being here with my friends, which is like my second family and meeting the person I love the most”. Paul Brooker “Meeting new friends and being able to be in track”. Akaia Goodloe “Traveling to semi-finals with my team and bonding”. Lorenzo Esparza “Being on the wrestling team and being part of a great football team”. Ms.Wood “Everyday mostly by sitting in the same spot with the same friends laughing at jokes we made with each other, and seeing how temporary it is. Being in the moment with my friends and stressing over big projects together”. Adrian Soriano “Seeing how happy everyone is at the school activities” Ileana Perez “Having the opportunities to play soccer with my friends”.