Congrats to the Area Qualifiers

100m Dash:4th Saunders,Jayda Wagner 12.7
5th Genesis,Jones Wagner 12.8
200m Dash:1st Diamond,Mathis Wagner 24.7
4th Jayda,Saunders Wagner 26.6
8th Tamea,Richarson Wagner 28.1
400m Dash:8th Taylor,Laramore Wagner 1:05.3

100m Hurdles:1st Tynika Grant Wagner 14.5
300m Hurdles:1st Tynika Grant Wagner 46.2

4×100 Relay:1st Genesis Jones,Diamond Mathis,Tynika Grant,Acacia Sterling Wagner 48.2
4×200 Relay:1st Genesis Jones,Diamond Mathis,Acacia Sterling,Tamea Richarson Wagner 1:42.9
4×400 Relay:3rd Acacia Sterling,Taylor Laramore,Avion Anderson,Nevaeh Rochester Wagner 4:16.1

Shot put:3rd Elondrea Jennings Wagner 34-05.00
6th Tiffany Lopez Wagner 32-01.00
9th Weaver Jordyn Wagner 30-01.00

Discus:4th Elondrea Jennings Wagner 95-01
10th Weaver Jordyn Wagner 82-00

High jump:9th Avion Anderson Wagner 4-06.00

Pole vault:5th Jocelyn Wendel Wagenr 8-06.00

Long jump:2nd Jayda Saunders Wagner 16-09.00

Triple jump:3rd Ashanti Watson Wagner 36-00.00
10th Taylor Laramore Wagner 32-06.00