Are you grown? Read this to see

Diana Williams, Staff Writer

Most students might think they’re grown but turns out most of them are not. They say they are grown but are they really? If they were really grown they wouldn’t have to say it they would show it with their actions.These students who think there grown are the one getting in fights, failing, and always depending on their parents for everything. When your grown you know when to walk away and keep you mouth shut. Then you won’t get in any fights. If your really grown then you know how to talk with respect. That means not using profanity it’s not needed there are other words that can show what you want to say. When your grown you don’t need to depend on your your parents for everything. That means dealing with your own problems and not calling your mom or dad every time you need something. Since you don’t rely on your parent that means you have a job and pay for what you need with your own money that you earn from working. When your grown you do the work your assigned and on time. You don’t fight about you just do it because you were assigned it and that is what makes your grade. Grownups think about their future and if your grown you would try to pass if you want a good job you will love. When you do something you shouldn’t you don’t blame others you need to take credit for your own mistakes. Nobody owes you anything and if your grown then you know that. After reading this ask yourself if your really grown or need to work on yourself.