Fashion’s plans for next year

Journalism had the chance to interview Mrs. Rohm to see what her plans were for fashion design next year. This is what she let us know about the upcoming year.Mrs.Rohm stated:

“Next year is the first year that we are going to have a practicum two level, we are actually getting ready to start the very first city wide fashion show for high school student, as well as recent graduates. It’s going to be the riverwalk runway and this will take place around October 12. There might be an opening on the riverwalk and that is where we will have the show. We are also planning a huge show because it will be the tenth year of having a fashion show at Wagner high school. We will be inviting alumni back and we will be coming up with the name for this show during the upcoming year. We will also be planning to be doing a thrift shop during registration and everything will be a dollar but we need to create flyers and get donations from the community first.”