End of School Survival Guide

Danelle McCullough, Staff Writer

The last few days of school are approaching and I’m pretty sure you’re ready for it to come to an end. It may seem like the school days are dragging on and on, and your head is about to explode because summer isn’t coming fast enough; but don’t worry, I have a plan for you…

Here is the ultimate guide on how to survive the last few days of school:

    1. Take pictures Collect as many memories as possible!
    2. Empty your backpack Return all of your books and put away your journals so you’re not carrying all of that weight on your shoulders.
    3. Stay out of trouble Don’t make these last days anymore stressful than they already are.
    4. Wear comfortable clothes – Relax. Wear comfortable, but appropriate clothing to focus your mind on getting out of school instead of what to wear.
    5. Listen to music – Stay in your zone; everyone loves music!
    6. Bring fun activities – When there’s nothing to do in class, play Uno or read your favorite book to pass time.
    7. Check your grades – Make sure you have good grades so summer school isn’t even a question!

These are just a few things I suggest for you to do in order to stay sane until May 31st. I hope you have a great summer!