Important things to do in summer

Tyla Chevrier, Editor

For all you students wondering what you can do during summer, here are some ideas.

Juniors! (Soon to be seniors… yayyy)

  • College application– Your college applications will go online during summer if they are not already online! The CommonApplication will go online on August 1st, will the Coalition be online by July 1st. 
  • Scholarships– Many scholarships will be uploaded to websites such as,, so make sure to apply since you have time to in summer.
  • Admissions interviews and college visits– If you are sure that you want to go to a certain college visit their website in order to schedule a campus visit and admissions interview since you will not have much time to do so next school year!
  • Testing– If you weren’t happy with your SAT or ACT score make sure to take them again during summer even though it might cost you. Since many college application deadlines are in November you won’t have much time to better your score during the school year, and the money is worth it because of the academic scholarships attached to it!


  • Internships– Colleges and jobs like to see you have work experiences in the fields you want to enter so make sure to try to get an internship. Check out if you need help. It’s also a good way to learn how to make resumes and hold interviews. And with most internships being over minimum wage it is a good way to start saving up for college.
  • Be prepared for next year– Do all your summer assignments and make sure you know what credits you need next year and that you are taking those classes.
  • Take part in summer programs– Personally, I have been invited and attended multiple summer programs at colleges such as a Law& Advocacy program at Yale University through the NSLC, and represented our school at the Congress of future Physicians and Medical Scientists. These programs have not only been extremely fun but also informative. Through these programs I was able to place my career interests more accurately and also have a head start on learning. Many of these programs even offer college credit for attendance, so if you know you want to be in a career in the future then it is the right thing for you. Even if you aren’t invited often times you can apply into it.
  • Recommendations– Start contemplating teachers who could write you recommendations and make sure to ask them right away. Some teachers only write a certain amount of recommendations a year.
  • Enjoy yourself– You stressed a lot last year and worked very hard so enjoy yourself! You deserve it! Take a trip to Schlitterbahn or go to  Six flags with some friends! Make the most of your summer the way you want to! Congratulations your a year closer to graduation!