Yearbook Students Show Exemplary Enthusiasm!

On September 19th during 2nd period Yearbook Class, the students wanted to do Lunch Marketing, but only one student was available during “A Lunch” to set up and run the booth and she didn’t want to work alone since it generally takes four students; which was totally understandable. Mrs. Scott informed the class that sadly, there would be no Lunch Marketing that day. Abigail Gonzalez then raised her hand and asked why the students couldn’t just do Lunch Marketing for “C Lunch” and “D Lunch” and Mrs. Scott thought about it, when she suddenly realized that the students could do lunch marketing after all!! She appointed applauded Abigail on her initiative and the students clapped as Abigail made an impromptu speech about the importance of thinking outside the box. The student volunteer list quickly populated, as Michael Gains offered to come to lunch early to set up, Michael Harrison offered to man the booth, and Mikealah Quintana and Tamaiya stepped up to offer their services for photo duty and relief duty at the table. Another nice surprise was when Channce Adamson also offered to be the Team Leader for the “D Lunch,” and she enlisted the help of longtime friend, Tamia Smallwood, as well as fellow classmates Journee Phillips and De’Corion Whitfield, who enthusiastically joined the Lunch Marketing Troops.

Yearbook sales are pacing 123.4% ahead of last year at this time, and we are delighted that it is because of efforts of such splendid students that the Wagner student population is being served in such a meaningful and wonderful way! Congratulations, Wagner Yearbook staff. Whenever there is a special event taking place around campus, you can be sure that a Wagner Yearbook Photojournalist is there, capturing that magical moment and preserving your precious memories forever!! And whenever you see Yearbook students diligently working during Lunch Marketing, we invite you to stop and shake their hand and thank them for their hard work.

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