October Movies!!!!

*October 4
Joker- Arthur was always picked on and made fun of when he was a kid for wanting to be a comedian, and is now being beat up for being a clown. Then one day, a famous talk show host previews one of Arthur’s performances and then mocks it. This act infuriates Arthur. All the while, there are a series of murders happening and riots erupting across the city, everyone donning clown masks.

Lucy in the Sky- Lucy Cola is an astronaut who, after a jaw-dropping experience in space, returns to Earth. Upon returning, she finds her home dull and boring and immediately tries going back. Despite all of her attempts to get back into space, she was denied access again and again. After all that, she decides to take matters into her own hands, and get into space by her own terms, to experience that thrill once more.

*October 11

The Addams Family- A peculiar family living in isolation, The Addams, decide to move to New Jersey. But it wasn’t what they were expecting, everything was strange and different compared to their creepy, mysterious lifestyle. They are welcomed into the neighborhood, but are quickly rejected and called monsters due to how they live. The family doesn’t want their rejection, and instead, will show everyone what it means to be an Addams.

Gemini Man- Junior is and astounding assassin sent to kill a man named Henry Brogan. Junior later finds out that he is a clone of Henry made 25 years to their current battle. To Henry, this explains a lot. They are both equal in strength and abilities, but Junior was made to be the best version of Henry. Junior inherits all of Henry’s abilities, physically and mentally, but doesn’t have the pain Henry has experienced over the years. Junior on the other hand, is confused and confronts his boss. His boss just says that this emotion is fear, and must overcome it in order to complete his mission.

*October 18

Zombieland: Double Tap- 10 years later, zombies still ravage the heartland. Columbus, Tallahassee, Little Rock, and Wichita must go up against a new breed of zombies, ones that are stronger, faster, and smarter. Along the way, they find a new band of survivors and must take refuge in the White House. All the while, they are debating whether or not to trust the new survivors, and are having conflicts amongst themselves.