Students Adorn Neon for a Promise They Can Lean On – Free Tuition at Alamo Community College

The Alamo Promise was launched at Wagner High School and students are responding positively to essentially free tuition for the first two years at an Alamo College campus.


Cheerleaders Leandra and Hailey, along with Wagner Mascot cheer for TWO YEARS OF FREE COLLEGE TUITION AT ALAMO COMMUNITY COLLEGES!

Piper Archer, Deputy Editor

With the inevitability of stress induced migraines regarding the dependence of student loans looming menacingly above the graduating class of 2020, all hope of salvation seems to have been thrown away without even a mere glance of consideration. However, the announcement of the Alamo Promise, displayed in a notable fluorescent fashion, came to salvage the day with the once in a lifetime guarantee of up to three years tuition, and all mandatory fees, completely paid for.

Alissa Perez, one of the benevolent counselors endorsing the program, says that the Alamo Promise is presenting itself as a “rare opportunity” to a multiplicity of students planning on attending college after the commencement of their High School career. Seniors are, understandably, taking complete advantage of this remarkable chance by jumping to action, and saving their seats for insured attendance at one of the select Alamo colleges. Perez went on to assert that even some particular students who were researching the branches of the military in order to amply afford the robust cost of a college education, can now be seated in solace with the comforting fact of certain funded admittance thanks to the Alamo Promise program. In the same mindset, Wagner High School scholars are able to skip the option of a gap year they once thought was required in order to labor for their college funds due to the fact that all the finances will be governed in favor of their future schooling.

One Senior, Kyianna Forge, when asked about how the program assists her personally, spoke of a tension-free life in college, and how she now holds a sure perspective of her financial situation in regards to settling the substantial expenses that comes with obtaining a degree. With a gleam of reflection in her eyes, Kyianna enunciated that without the Alamo Promise she would be overwhelmed with the impending unresolved loans wreaking havoc on her serene slumber as if student loans become the monsters hiding under our duvet covers.

Veronica Gonzalez, another member of the graduating class of 2020, confides in me about the pressure of having to apply to an abundance of scholarships just to meet the money requirements listed in her desired University’s fee and tuition overview, because attending the University without any assistance would’ve been more “expensive to pay out of pocket”. However, the Alamo Promise has reconstructed her outlook on pursuing a college education, by bringing her more confidence concerning her capability of being admitted into a college, without the crushing realization of years of student debt welcoming her to the adult world. Veronica’s possibilities are now endless as she has eliminated her worries about paying for college, and has consequently greeted Alamo Promise with an open heart.

The concept of college, and the included economic stipulations, may present itself as an intimidating aspect of growing up to several students on the verge of graduating. Nonetheless, with programs like Alamo Promise made readily available to those scholars so desperately in need of assistance in the funds category of college, rest assured that the claws of financial dues shall be annihilated.