The Best Club Ever

The Best Club Ever

Kailynn Cruz, Photojournalist

Today we will be writing about YEARBOOK, it is the best and most fun club ever.

I got some interviews from my friends about the club including Brianna Dohm, who loves taking pictures and editing articles.  It’s also her first year in Yearbook, and our goal is to outsell Judson High School. Brianna said, “Yearbook has a lot of pressure but it is still fun.  I’ve learn how to angle the camera and use the correct lighting to take good pictures.  I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys a challenge.”

We have very big goals for this year’s yearbook sales department, we already started to sell chocolate to help our team, to make the yearbook better, and to also get more cameras.

It’s going to be a very long year trying to put together the BEST YEARBOOK EVER! We have to try to achieve our goals together and to never give up.

We all have become a family, so whenever we need help with our stories, we can always count on our amazing editors.  It’s a lot of fun getting to know other students in the other yearbook classes.

Another Yearbook friend is Elijah Padron who enjoys editing and writing, and making articles perfect.

I really believe that everyone should be in the yearbook at least once.  It’s a great experience.  We always have the best news for our school and also the best pictures. This club has taught me a lot of very cool things in my life, for example I learned how to take pictures and also how to write papers. It is always a good day when I come in the class, with so many good vibes, great friends and we are making good memories in this class.

I feel like if you ever get a chance to take this class always do your best so you can make the best out of it.  It is a lot of hard work but it’s fun as well, and you will learn a lot of things that you will carry out into your life. In the class you may have to take on very big assignments, and you may also have to go out of your way to get pictures or to even write a paper for the yearbook. It’s like having a real job.  And your job is to meet deadlines and get everything done on a timely basis, and with the best quality and effort that you’ve got.  The bottom line is that covering all the school events is our job and we’ve got to get it done. I love this class very much.