High School Musical 2.0


Priscila Rodriguez

Choir is such a theatrical and artistic activity. It takes courage and passion. It also takes a lot of preparation and calls for very dedicated individuals. I took the time to interview two of my fellow classmates that are part of this art, Amani Smith and Graciela, and got a few words regarding their participation in their recent concert which took place October 9th in our auditorium at 7:00 pm. When asked how much preparation it took, they both responded that it took several weeks of hard work and practice. 

There’s a lot more to choir than just singing. Many of the participants get very nervous and anxious when getting ready to go up on stage, as did Amani. During our interview, I asked her how she felt. “I was very nervous because it was our first concert of the year and we had worked so hard to make sure it was perfect and the songs went the way we planned.” Graciela on the other hand, was not as nervous. She mentioned being confident that the performance would go well. 

As Graciela predicted, the concert was a success. The audience was amazed by the sound created of the many voices synced together. At the end of the whole performance, everyone cheered and applauded for the choir.