Looking Stunning for Homecoming

Looking Stunning for Homecoming

Tamaiyah Coleman, Photojournalist

Our Homecoming at Wagner was a night to remember with so many nice and good dressed students. Being stunning for Homecoming is an understatement because underrated everyone was stunning and it was like a fashion show!  Lights were flashing kids were dancing like they were in a mob. Our homecoming was really a movie and everyone was getting down and grooving.

The homecoming court was so friendly and dressed so nice. They were very  professional and I enjoyed it very much. I also like the attire and how they were represented

Terashay Miller says, “The homecoming court was dressed really nice, and everyone made a good choice.” Overall, the homecoming court was one of the highlights of Homecoming.

The setup of the dance was elegant and on point.  Amiya Braggs said, “This was the best Homecomings so far at Wagner–the choice of casino was very intelligent and well thought of.”  Tershay Miller said, “I really didn’t like the theme.”  I personally disagreed because the theme she didn’t really was cute and the setup reminded me of a casino.  As for myself, I loved the theme since I’ve been to a casino before and it just made me feel like I walked into one. It was so nice and I was proud of the people who set it up.

The choice of music was very appropriate and cool.  Kayla Anderson says,” They played the right amount of music for our generation.”  Amiya Braggs commented, “I wishes they would have played more rap and R&B music.”  Personally, I liked the choice of music but I agree with Amiya that there should have been more R&B music. The DJ did a very great job and many of our Wagner students told him that. He interacted with us students very well and didn’t treat us like kids; it felt like we were in a civilized club.

the same limitations as every other student.

In conclusion, the Homecoming Dance was a night to remember forever.  Even though it wasn’t 100% perfect, there was so much to love about it, and all us students who attended will remember it for the rest of our lives.