Soul Music – Wagner Choir Showcase


Graciela Cruz, Photojournalist

Music is one of the greatest gems of life, it causes us to feel all types of feelings we can’t express in simple words. Have you’ve ever heard a song that reminds you of the past? You can clearly see and feel how it was during that time only to realize it’s no longer there; that’s the effect music can have of body and soul. Certain sounds also have an effect on us, anything can be music that’s the greatest part. The people who love music, love the process of learning then showing off join clubs or classes to fill their need of music. That’s where choir comes in, the songbirds of Wagner, they have the most important job. Choir shows that Wagner High school isn’t just sports, choir shows we are musically talented as much as physically disciplined.

The Wagner choir are always active, always on top of the current songs being worked on and songs for the next concert. Practice takes place during school hours, no need for after school practice since we are to learn that to make it in choir we have to have the traits of self-productivity, self-initiative and responsibility. Anytime off campus it’s usually for UIL or Solo & Ensemble, However, Varsity class have more outings. They have a trip to perform at middle schools, regional also, maybe more but that’s a surprise. Concerts are always after school at the auditorium most the time it’s from 7pm to 8pm but we do compete since varsity is a competitive group.

Choir has a big impact on people, so does the people who are involved. When asked about how they feel towards the class and what made them stay involved, Yazmin Trio an 11th grader in varsity says, “Choir is a place where a bunch of different people that you would [have] never thought would be your friends come together and make a big family. I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed for so long but also I love to see the end results of the music we practice after months of stress trying to make it perfect, it’s very rewarding.” Gabriela Maldonado also an 11th grader in varsity says, “Choir is a fun class because you get interesting music to sing and [you] are around people with the same interests. What made me stay this long in the choir is the memories you make with your new friends that you make in class also hearing how good the music sounds after all that stress.”  We have one last input on their feelings towards the choir and why it made them stay so long in the class from Shu Coby Scott who exclaimed, “I love choir because of all the fun and the memories that I have made. The choir is an amazing experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Everyone has an attachment to music, making choir the place where they love every minute of grinding to get that one note right, to perfect that decrescendo or crescendo. The choir has a big impact on people, it brings music and joy to people’s lives making it important, showing Wagner won’t only beat the competition in sports, but also in musical talent.