Planning Behind the Scenes


Michael Harrison, Photojournalist

I believe that Student Council this year is better than it’s ever been! We have explosive team leaders and people you can trust to get the job done in student council this year. Not a lot of students know who actually is part of the wonderful student council, but these members here do all the planning for jurors this year; but they also even planned our homecoming and even the prom! These tend these members include are Bella Wallace, Tamia Smallwood and Channce Anderson. I honestly feel like they should be recognized because of all the planning and hard work they do for our school. Student Council is a team working club which takes a lot of skills to be able to do something like that, because you have to be able to communicate with others and being able to have your schedule open for any times cause sometimes you might have to stay after school. Student council is no joke and it’s not something everyone can do, but if you continue to work hard and put in the effort like that for our school maybe one day you will be able to be in student council for yourself. Imagine planning for our school and setting up events for either your class or the whole entire school! Student Council may come off as a lot but everyone in student council enjoys being in this organization.  student council so I interviewed went u to interview Tamia Smallwood herself and this was her response on student council: “Student Ccouncil has changed my view on life. It showed me how people work undercover and don’t get the full credit they deserve.” She enjoys Student Council but doesn’t like how she doesn’t get credit for her work so please go show our Student Council some respect!!!  I also interviewed Channce Adamson regarding her on what she thoughts about yearbook and she also gave an amazing respond which was, “It feels good knowing we’re making a change in Wagner.” Channce loves what she does for Student Council and she enjoys making the events and she knows that what she does for Student Council will be carried on forever changing Wagner history.