Singing on Wagner’s Door


Leandra Ocasio

Wagner’s outstanding vocals host their first choir concert of the year and it was an out of this world experience, from heartfelt voices to a joyful place.

I went to my first choir concert this fall and it surpassed my expectations. I was taken to the auditorium by a member of the group and I saw how they warm up. As it was getting closer to showtime, the anxious feeling grew and it started to fill up the whole room. 3.. 2..1, the doors opened and the performers faces lit up as they saw their family and friends, the director stood on the stage and the silence was strong until she finally began introducing the different groups. Each group had their own style and all did a very good job. I enjoyed the last group the most, they volunteer at certain events and their vocals are out of this world. There were so many familiar yet unexpected faces. A very memorable moment was when the top 5 chosen to sing state with some of the best singers in Texas, gave a great performance. All very different yet all so talented. Watching this show, made me want to join the team. The outfits were lovely and they made everyone look flattering, the girls wore long, fitted, black dresses with sparkles at the top. The males wore a traditional black suit and they all looked elegant. You can tell how much happiness music brings to the team, before the show they were anxious and didn’t know how the people would react but being on that stage giving it their all, they felt at ease and that is how they knew choir was meant for them.

“Everyone is very supportive of each other,” said Zariah Wilson. Music plays a very important role in our lives and some people that are in choir hope to continue singing after high school. Some want to apply to music schools and others hope to become artist and with their talent I believe they will make it. This article was brought to you by a student from Wagner High school.