Can You Dig It? Girl’s Varsity Basketball is on a Roll!


Avion Anderson, Photojournalist

I had the opportunity to interview two of the young ladies on the Thunderbirds volleyball team. Kayla Roberts is a senior on the volleyball team. I asked her a few of the following questions. I asked, “How long have you been in volleyball and what positions do you play?” She responded, “I have been playing volleyball since 7th grade and the positions I play are right side, middle, and outside hitter”. I also asked, how do you feel about this season and its goals and what is she doing to get closer to accomplishing those goals? She answered with, “I believe that we can make it to the playoffs as long as we keep up with a good mindset and the way I contribute to the goal that was set is by Working hard and staying motivated.” The last question I asked her was, are you planning to continue volleyball after this season is over? She replied, “I hope to continue my journey with this sport for as long as I can whether it’s in club, college or even sand volleyball.”
I was also able to interview Elisa Butler who is also a part of the volleyball team. Here are a few of the questions that I asked her during the interview. How long have you been playing volleyball? She responded, “I have been playing volleyball since I was eleven years and I am a setter, libero, and sometimes all around.” What are some challenges you think you and the team need to work on? She answered, “I believe that we as a whole need to work to have better attitudes”. How did you become interested in the sport? She responded, “I wanted to play a sport that my brothers were not in so that I wouldn’t be compared to anyone in my family.”
These two young ladies are a part of the volleyball team and from what I learned after the interviews with them, the volleyball team is and will be very successful.