Some Games Destroy Friendships, But Here We Make Them!

Some Games Destroy Friendships, But Here We Make Them!

Nickolas Berger, Photojournalist

The last three years here at Wagner have seen the rise of the Game Club. What started off as wishful thinking is now something that the members eagerly await every month. The game club is sponsored primarily by Ms. Gentry, a nice teacher who seems to really enjoy it. When asked why she sponsors the club she said, “The idea came about before the release of ‘The Sea of Thieves.’ Raine Ltd. was building a positive community who supported each during tough times and celebrated during joyous times.  The Gamer Group is the spiritual child of that concept, but set in the real world.”

Also among the members of game club is club president Lewis, a junior who seems rather suited to the task. Despite his seemingly laid-back nature, Lewis is one of the few people who I trust not to steer the club into the ground by ignoring his responsibilities. He is enjoying Game Club and recommends it wholeheartedly to Wagner Students.

I myself am a senior member of the game club, having been a member since its inception. We started off with about a dozen members at best, most already friends or acquaintances since we had all heard about it from the same person. Back then, we only met once a month and news of the club spread by word of mouth. Today, we’re a massive club that meets twice a month as a solid group of friends with varied interests and are there for each other when we need to be. It’s fun, and the kind of chaos that makes you feel welcome, whatever you might be.

If you want to join and find out for yourself, then come give it a chance. Gentry says, “I feel optimistic about the forthcoming year.  We have new gamers and strong gaming leaders who want this club to live beyond.  We still strive to bring gamers together both on and offline, and break down negative ideas about gamers and gaming.”

Gamers want to give a shoutout to past and current gamer sponsors including Mrs. Gonzalez, Mr. Fegrolio, Mr. Villela, Mr. Billingsley, Mr. Cuellar, and of course, the intrepid Ms. Gentry.

To figure out when and where we’re meeting, text @ggwagner to 81010. Hope to see you there!