Jump High, Fly Higher


Aaliyah Cornish, Photojournalist

Run, cheer, jump high, cheerleading season has started. Imagine going to a football or basketball game and having no cheerleaders. It would be boring right? The cheerleaders are really bringing in the spirit this season. From having practice, to going to football games, it seems like the Wagner cheerleaders have a really exciting season ahead of them.

Many wonder if a cheerleader actually does anything and the answer to that is yes. Not only do cheerleaders have go to the games and pep rallies, they also have a competition of their own. For the upcoming season, many of the cheerleaders here are really excited and seem to have one common goal which is to win nationals. Just recently, the team has learned their routine for competition. According to Alexis McConnico, the social captain and varsity member, the overall goal for the team is to place at least top 10 at nationals. “Practicing daily and working on tumbling is going to be what gets us closer to that goal,” she states. Alexis, also feels really confident in the team and the year overall.

Also, another goal for the upcoming year has the team making creative decisions. “Our goal for this year is to really thrive and be better than the year before,” says Edreanna Jennings, a varsity member and co-captain. Edreanna also states that in order to achieve this goal, the team has to work hard and really put in the time and energy at practice. The team is always creating new material like cheers and stunts for the pep rallies and games.” It’s not easy and a lot of skills go into creating the perfect routine. You have to know your team know how far you can push their skill,” says Kennedy Griffin, a varsity member. However, the main issues the team seems to be having is crowd involvement and school spirit. Hailey Santos, a member of varsity, states “In order to get the results we want from the crowd we have to start following the trends.”
Overall, the year for the cheerleaders of Wagner High School seem to be really exhilarating. They seem to have a lot of goals but they know exactly what has to be done in order to reach them. Wow, I really hope they have an amazing season!