Halftime Pride at Wagner

Daniela Flores, Photojournalist

Imagine being at a football game without a band, cheerleaders, dancers, etc. Who is going to provide the school spirit? Who is going to provide a halftime show while the football players take a break? Lucky for us and other schools, we have a band, cheer group, dance group and color guard. It is important to have a halftime show, when these groups get together and do a performance because they get into the school spirit and before you know it, the crowd is already hyped up. These groups together create the meaning of school pride. Without them, football games would not be as loud as they are. There wouldn’t be as much spirit to bring up the crowd or to root for our team. Our Wagner Band, Colorguard, Cheerleaders and Sabre Dancers should earn more recognition.

Not that they don’t get enough recognition or they don’t get treated right, but they work hard just to only be seen and not actually earn something. They perform and the most they can get are claps from people who chose to stay sitting instead of going to get snacks or something. Maybe they don’t feel like they need anything, like they are proud of what they do but us as a school should appreciate them more and do something special for them. Let them know that after all the work and all the sweat, it was worth it and make sure they know we appreciate them.

One of these organizations, such as our Wagner Band work hard every day to be able to perform a perfect performance. As it was said by many students, the band group practices from after school to about 7 pm. Not to mention, they mostly practice outside in the hot sun: imagine how that would feel! Not only that, but what if the students have homework to do or what if they are failing a class? They must feel stressed to get their work done to be able to perform. On top of all of that, they have to perform out on the field during games. Not all students know what the Band goes through and we should do something for them, maybe help in some way we can or present them to the school like they do to our football team, to make them feel special. Not only for the Band though, we should do it for the cheerleaders, sabre dancers and color guard. They deserve to feel appreciated by the whole school because without them, we would not have all this school spirit during games.