All Strings Attached!

Elijah Padron, Photojournalist

With only one week away until the first concert of the 2019-2020 school year, and students are already ecstatic. Many students are eager to perform in front of all their family and friends. They have been practicing for over two months and are very confident about the way they play. The chemistry this group has is unreal.

Students love the sound of calm music that can help them relax in stressful situations. Brandon Hardeman, one of the varsity orchestra players said that he joined orchestra due to having a rush for playing the violin, because he loves the way it sounds and it brings him a lot of joy. He said “Orchestra is like a second family to me, everyone has each other’s back through thick and thin.” His goal for this year is to win the sweepstakes for the third time making it a three peat, because he wants to set an example for the upcoming freshman and to prove that the sky really is the limit.
Heaven Tolliver joined orchestra because she didn’t want to follow in her brother’s footsteps and join band, rather she wanted to try something different. Now she loves the sound of the music as it plays through the classroom. She is close to many of the other players in the class and loves the environment. She wants to achieve so much this year by playing her best and giving everything she has to make varsity by the end of this year.
Both of these students Brandon and Heaven want the same goal for the first concert of the year. They want to impress all their friends and families and show them what they could do the rest of the year, not only during this first concert but for the rest of the year. They want to prove that orchestra can be fun and exciting as any other activity. This year is the year they will fight hard to compete to win the sweepstakes for the third time in a row. Many students would agree that orchestra is very calm and relaxing to participate in and can help overcome a lot of negative moods or feelings. Orchestra is not only a place to play instruments, but a place to feel comfortable and be a part of a family that you wouldn’t even imagine is real.