Halftime is Our Time! (Beauty of Band)


Hailey Santos, Photojournalist

The players leave the field, the cheerleaders sit down, and the band comes out. When it’s break time for others, it’s game time for the Wagner’s Marching Band. Though often overlooked, band is one of the many factors that actually make up a football game. Having no band at a football game is like not singing “Happy Birthday” at a birthday party.
Without the fight song, the football players wouldn’t know when to run out. There would be no celebration music whenever the team makes a touchdown. Without drumline, the cheerleaders wouldn’t have beats to dance to. Last but not least, the dancers wouldn’t have any music for their performance. Many people don’t realize it but band is one of the most important components to the Friday night lights. Everything you see at a football game revolves around the band.
Being in band is not easy. First practice, then football game, then competition. The Wagner’s marching band does it all. “The worst part is having to stay after school every day for practice.” While we go home, they stay to practice in the hot sun and breezy October’s wind. Though it gets tiring, practice is essential to making a great performance and improving on skills. With competition season and football season at the same time, they hardly get a break. Right after the big Friday game, they have a competition the next morning. “The goal for this season is to advance in area marching and make it into state marching.” This goal can be easily reached through hard work and dedication. Through all the rough times, there are many perks to being in band. “The best part about being in band is being around friends, playing in the stands, and performing at football games.” This shows all their hard work is worth it. Not only are they playing for the team, they are also playing for themselves by doing what they love.
Band isn’t just a hobby; it is also a family. Everyone works together to get closer to their goal and have fun while performing. We need to recognize our high school’s band more often because without them, high school wouldn’t be the same. As the motto goes, “Many colors! One light!”