One Sound. One Music. One Love!

Alexandria Stoufflet, Photojournalist

Through the cold sharp wind, through the burning hot sun, band is in the stands playing their hearts out. As said by Michael Unate the clarinet section leader “band is a family” and personally seeing how band practices from 4:45 to 7:15 after school. Their bonds must be strong to spend almost all their time perfecting something so unique. The sweat and tears that goes into making the Wagner sound is amazing because most of these members have grown up around music. Michael’s mom was actually in band in high school. Michael has been doing this since middle school because as they say, perfection takes time. Here at Wagner, we are the champions of change and we’re rising slowly but surely in all aspects. Our football boys give their all on the field and our band gives their hearts during half time. Being in band takes real dedication and precision, making sure everyone sounds amazing as we play the spirit songs of high school.
During band performances and practice the way they move and gather to discuss certain things and how they have to do certain things is very interesting. You can really see how they process things and how they operate and that is incredible. In my personal opinion, band’s music makes you feel like you’re in a movie such as a Cinderella story. Band music is part of a classic American tradition. It is just as important as football because after all, who wants the honestly play and cheer if there’s no music roaring from Wagner high schools side of the stadium? Another thing I noticed is the effort that goes into the band members getting ready for a performance: the beautiful red and black ombre suite and the red and black feathered plumes are lovely.

When band isn’t playing, they are sitting in the stands, watching our football boys play their hearts out. They like to sit with their friends and be just like we are, cheering on and watching the amazing game.
Back to the beginning, I think band as a whole are a family– a family who makes our Wagner Thunderbirds a family who has one sound, one music, and one love!