Wagner’s March to Victory

Wagner's March to Victory

Michael Uñate , Photojournalist

The marching band has faced many challenges this year from low funding to slow drill writers. But no matter what the issue, the band pushes forward. The determination of the band never lets down; even through the roughest weather, the band’s always outside in the blazing heat and or the freezing cold. The band is outside at 4:45 to sharpen their skills and to show their strengths. Every game is an opportunity to show everyone what they can do and a practice for what’s real the competitions which happen to be on the next day most of the time, which pushes the band to the max making them learn a new show every year in a span of a little over a month, including the time it takes to teach marching to new members.

One band
The band is not just one person, it is a collective effort between everyone who participates thus bringing the SLT quote, “Many colors, one light,” thus showing the unity of each and every person as the program comes together to make something amazing. The slacking of only one person could cause the whole show to be ruined. This creates a huge amount of trust between the band members because each and every person relies on the other to complete the same amount of work, so at the end they could bring it all together and perform. The woodwind captain Justin Kinko says, “The band is like a family, though we don’t always get along we’re always there for each other in the end.”