Wagner Student Council: Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Wagner’s Student Council Organizes Campus Events to Enhance Student Life,


Vice-President- Tatyanna Hysaw (12th), Secretary- Yasmin Abundi (11th) President- Isabella Pineda (11th), Historian- Zendy Casas (12th) Treasurer- Kayla Garcia (12th), Parliamentarian- Anette Teran (11th)

Zendy Casas, Photojournalist

Student Council consists of 5 representatives from each class in addition to 6 main officers.
Student Council meets every Thursday after school to plan school wide activities, such as Homecoming, Spirit Week, Blood Drive as well as community service activities.

As a Student Council tradition they attend every football game to trade goodie baskets which contain snacks and a letter in which is stated that WHS Student Council donated money to a special cause, depending on the month, in the name of the opponent school. This is meant to cheer on the other team and create an ambience of peace.

The most recent event that was executed by Student Council was all the Homecoming activities. They organized a tailgate that took place before the homecoming game on October 4th. Wagner students were provided with free food and drinks, as well as music entertainment, all contributed by student council. Then at the game Student Council had a special student section in which we had a chalk toss during the 3rd quarter of the game. The Homecoming dance was the next day, October 5th. Student Council met up early in the morning and worked hard to set up all the decorations and the concessions stands. The homecoming dance was a success! 507 students attended!

The best advisors EVERERRRR! Mrs.Tabbert (Left), Ms.Trevino (Right) -Zendy Casas (12th)
”It was very exciting, since it was my first game in three years- lots of dancing, and YELLING!” – Aaliyah Muriel (12th)

Student Council’s next project is the Blood Drive which will take place on November 6th in the mat room #H108 from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Their goal is to get 156 donations. They have a table during all lunches, so make sure you pass by and register to donate. There are some prerequisites that need to be done to see if you’re eligible to donate. One of the most asked questions is, “how old do I have to be to donate?”. If you are 16 you can donate but you must weigh 120 pounds and have a parent permission form signed. If you’re +17 you must at least weigh 110 and don’t need a parent permission slip. If you’re interested or have other questions please make sure to ask during lunch. Other information to remember is that if you donate 6 times by your senior year you can receive a red cord for graduation.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity of giving the gift of life!