Game Over – The Official Heart of the School!

Game Over - The Official Heart of the School!

Aaliyah Muriel, Photojournalist

Game club what comes to mind when you think of game club…. Is it how much fun it is, how they are lazy, and most of all how they rage every two seconds. Well, if you’re thinking that you’re absolutely right- WRONG, because when you walk towards the door you instantly hear as well as feel the love towards each individual in the room. Moreover, game club is indeed a fun place to be, however they are highly disciplined individuals, and never rage over a game they are playing with one another (shocking right?)
Game Club is an amazing place to be when we’re talking about having fun- when you finally open the door it is pretty loud with the refreshing smell of chips and soda with an overwhelmingly feeling of laughter and just FUN!. However, game club is hard work – I repeat myself hard work, for instance the game club president Louis Bryant states, “I have to get things planned for fundraisers, and inform teachers about certain events” this statement shows how game club is indeed “not lazy” since there’s a vice president, secretary, treasurer, and advisor which than illustrates how organized, as well as responsible they are in game club.
Next topic of this throbbing heart club, is the constant stereotype that has wrapped itself around which is game violence. In this club I can more than ensure you that it’s nowhere near the violent high scale nor the medium. Furthermore, it is instead as said by Amiryahana Bland that they “treat each other as family, there’s no conflict- we just have fun”. In addition, each individual that I have interviews stated how they “love the community” (Louis Bryant), and how they “love the people”. That being said, this goes to show how you can play a game with someone without ripping their heads off even though the school only allows games appropriate for school as Rey Zambrano likes to say how its “ typically the environment they are in” which I agree with or haves to deal with their life experience- if they are abused, surround yourself with people who rage, or someone who is prescribed with a certain disorder, for example PTSD. Therefore, Game club is not rage, but instead love and “game club is open if you want to experience a family bond” said by Amiryahana, and to sum it up in one word “magical” said by Rey.