Music is the Key to our Soul


Joseph Patterson, Photojournalist

Marching band is really just a group who needs to fulfill their need to be creative through visual and auditory art. I remember seeing color guard routines that had to perfectly coincide with the music that was given and in doing that, I exercised the creative part of my brain. I did a favor for myself, because I had so much fun in seeing those routines. Composing music is an outlet; it’s a way to let our minds flourish, not to mention and it puts something beautiful into the world for others to see. Not only does marching band help produce amazing art that challenges its users and amazes its audiences, but it actually helps expand the memorization skills for the people who actively take part in it. It takes a good deal of effort for the band person to remember the content and different positions in a 10-minute marching show. It’s hard work, but it pays off tremendously for them. Band members meet the challenge of multi-tasking with marching at one tempo while playing at another. By working diligently, band members are also learning discipline and teamwork: band is setting the students up for life after graduation when they are learning these skills.