Dancing Under the Stars

Cristo Garcia, Photojournalist

A wonderful experience in high school is the homecoming dance. This dance is mostly a way for newcomers to this school to experience what high school is like. It’s a wonderful night of excitement and a night to create fun new memories. Homecoming is always something we become excited for mostly for the fact that it’s a night to remember

Homecoming is Wagner’s pride, and Graciela Cruz, an 11th grader shares her insights, “Although dances aren’t my thing, when going with the right people it’s something I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. Everyone should try out something new like I did, because in the end it will be worth it.”

Since freshman and sophomores can’t go to prom, homecoming is the next best thing. You have a nice time dancing and spending time with your friends eating, talking and playing around are just some things someone might do at homecoming. Even though homecoming is mainly for freshman and sophomores that does not mean upper classmen can’t go. Homecoming always has a theme that changes every year; the theme is chosen by vote by the students. Homecoming is an American tradition.  The homecoming game celebrates the careers of the senior high school athletes, normally the football players. Alexander Pizana a 12th grader said, “It’s a magical time in high school that everyone should experience it and it can only be topped by the more fantastic and magical senior prom.  It’s an event that would be wonderful to take a loved one on a date!”  This year’s homecoming dance was fantastic, and it was a night that students will remember for the rest of their lives!