Find Out What’s Up With Orchestra!


Izabel Martinez, Photojournalist

The Wagner High School Orchestra works hard every single day to make and perform their amazing concerts. Orchestra is a year round program where they learn and make new music every single day; they continue to better themselves through hard work and dedication. Orchestra is a group of instrumentalists that play string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments and together they make beautiful music.

My friend Veronica was introduced to orchestra by a friend, and has been playing since her sophomore year of high school. She is still playing her junior year and has improved in her playing skills. This year she is excited and motivated to become better at her new talent and make new memories with people she now calls her friends.

Being a part of the orchestra has opened new doors for her and has introduced her to new people she will continue to make memories with for the rest of her high school life. This year her group’s goal is to individually and together as a group become better at their talent.

The group’s goal is to be coordinated and perform better at concerts as a whole.

They would like to overall produce a much better sound, to achieve the goal they have set for themselves they will practice together and individually on their own time.

To overcome many obstacles they have come in contact with they will learn to work together to produce a better sound, and they will work on bettering their individual talent to become better as a group. Some words of advice from Veronica to any new interested students is to practice and be ready to put time into it and have dedication because in the end all the hard work and time will pay off.