Unsung Heroes


The Unsung Heroes of Wagner Football – we couldn’t go far without them!

Anna Rodriguez, Photojournalist

Football is one of the most thrilling sports during the fall. At Wagner, it’s one of the most favorite sports among the student body. With that, a person also has their favorite players. Like Demarcus, L.J., and ma ny more. But with that, people tend to forget about other skillful players that make up the rest of the team. Because without them we wouldn’t have gone far. 

Wagner’s Varsity Left Guard #54, Deacon Scott, has always been in it for the team from day one. When asked what the team’s goal for the season was his response was, “ Our goal as a team for this season is to finish, and to make it all the way to State and win State Championships. ” and when asked what he’s doing to get to that goal the response was outstanding. “ Just practice and work together with my teammates to perfect our craft, and also to believe in each other. ”. Everything about that says, not me but the team! Lastly, when asked what he would say to new students who would be interested in football, his response was, “work hard, believe in one another, and staying focused will help and build not only yourself but the team as well. ” and that is such great T-Bird advice!

Another player of Wagner’s Varsity team #71 Left and Right Tackle, Aaron Adame, says “ Everyone has a role on our team. You matter on this team. Once you join the team, you join the brotherhood. Go T-Birds! ”. When interviewing Aaron, he never talked about himself and only about the team as a whole. Same goes with Deacon, he never talked about himself and only ever the team and they’re efforts.

Lastly #50 Offensive Tackle, Jeremy Reyes, in order to get closer to the team’s goal he says “ Working hard in every practice, and studying the teams we’re playing. ”