Breath-taking is an Understatement: Color Guard Delivers!


Katalina Salazar, Photojournalist

The night was still young and Wagner had just beat Brackenridge at the Homecoming game on October 4th 2019. It was a glorious victory; 61-0. What better way to celebrate a victory than an outstanding performance by the band. It was 9:50 P.M. and the band came marching out from the bleachers. They all came out and paused in a unique formation. They stood tall and proud in their black and red uniforms. They paused. The color guard followed them out to the field and paused in their formation as well.

They began to crescendo their music and color guard synched their movements to every note. The color guard made graceful movements and never stopped. Their formation never broke and they interacted with the formation of the band. They moved within each other and not once did they bump each other. It told a story of color and pride. At the end of their performance, they stood erect and tall with pride, representing the spirit and triumph of Wagner.

The band and color guard made the performance look effortless! Something that took them so long to prepare looked like it was a piece of cake! It’s like they had no issues getting it down. Michael Barnett, one of the band’s tuba players, appeared to be locked and loaded! “The challenges faced during homecoming game was mostly nervousness throughout the band because we were performing new sets. But with me, I had full confidence to get the job done.” Now that’s a winner’s attitude! ”Our main goal was to look flawless and stay in synch with each other and the band,” says Vanessa Gonzales, one of the color guard performers. If that was their goal, they certainly delivered!

The band and color guard did amazing! They demonstrated true pride for all the T-Birds of Wagner! And to say it was breathtaking, is an understatement. There are many more beautiful performances to come!