Music of Happiness


Amani Smith, Photojournalist

My teacher, Mrs. Harris, has been preparing us for this show since the first day of school. She has given us really good tips on stage etiquette and how to act on stage.

Choir was something that I was thinking about for a while. It’s not easy: you have to remember the music and the right key the choir is singing in. If you are thinking about joining choir, please be award that you cannot play any games.  Mrs. Harris takes everything seriously in choir and when it comes to the performances she will be on you. For example, when are performance was a couple days way, Mrs. Harris told us about the gravity of the situation, and came down us really hard to make sure we had everything together and ready for Showtime.  Mrs. Harris made sure we were comfortable on the stage so we would have a good, solid, and enjoyable performance.  All the work was worth it when we lifted our voices in song, and gave the audience true “Music of Happiness!”