What had Seguin so Scared?

Zachary Wallace, Photojournalist

Volleyball can be a very competitive sport, so I thought that it’d only be fair to talk with one of Wagner’s most aggressive players on the JV team, Elisa Butler. Here’s some insight on what our valued player thinks about behind the scenes. ZW: Why volleyball? What made you want to join this sport above all other options? EB: All of my family/relatives take pride in their athletic ability, so I was encouraged to participate in sports at a young age. I’ve realized that I’m a very competitive person, so this was the perfect sport for me! ZW: For how long have you been playing Volleyball? EB: I first played in 6th grade, so probably about 11 to 12 years old. I’ve just been playing ever since. ZW: How do you think this forthcoming year will unfold for you and your teammates? EB: I have a great sense of confidence and faith in myself as well as my team. I think we all have enough determination to be successful in representing the Wagner spirit. ZW: What would you say is the teams overall goal for the season? What is something that the whole team is hungry to achieve? EB: Personally I would like to see our whole team being conductive and working in a cohesive manner. For our team to work as one, that’s what we need. ZW: Okay, what are you doing in and outside of the court to improve upon that goal? EB: I make sure to encourage the team and let them know when we got the game on lock. I think my pride in myself and our team really helps.

ZW: If you could nitpick the little flaws or problems the team needs to resolve, what would would be on your list? EB: We’re a very passionate team and I’m sure anyone can see that, but sometimes our players confuse anger with passion, and it shows. We have to learn to manage our energy, let it flow instead of being brazen. When we focus, there is no hesitation. ZW: What would you want to say to the new students that might be misguided when going into this sport? Whatever you do, make sure you’re enjoying it. That doesn’t mean give up on something that gets a little rough, it means pursue what makes you happy. Volleyball is not meant for everybody and you have to push yourself, but if you really want to get through it, you have to have a positive attitude.

The next time you want to watch a competitive game, just check out Volleyball, and see these amazing athletes compete. Seguin was scared for a very good reason, because Wagner Lady T-Birds are prepared and ready to win!